2014 Performers

(Details will be added as and when time allows)
Some images are provided by performers, others taken at previous DFF festivals by Vikki Nuttall.

2014 Concert Performers

Slainte Va
Crow Hailer
Exmouth Shantymen
Phantam Chic

Dancers and Street Entertainers

Carn Brea Morris
Dr Turbevilles
Borderline Morris
Black Bess Border
Bideford Phoenix
Deorfrith Morris

We are a mixed morris side, based in Lyndhurst . Founded in 2011 as an offshoot of the New Forest Meddlars, we perform dances mainly in the Cotswold style, together with the occasional Border dance.
Our name, which in early English means 'deer sanctuary', is a term used by early writers to refer to the hunting grounds established by William the Conquerer in the south of England, now known as the New Forest.
Our kit, traditional whites topped with bright emerald green waistcoats and armbands, was chosen partly as a hint towards our link with the Forest but mainly because we like the look of it.
This will be our third visit to the Dulverton Folk Festival and we hope that this one is as enjoyable as the others.
Deorfrith Morris

Workshop Leaders

Singing Workshops with Yvette Staelens
Yvette Staelens

Children's (actually, the whole family - so, kids bring your parents too!) entertainment with
'Entertainingly Different'
Entertainingly Different
                      promises to keep everyone entertained :)
'Entertainingly Different' are delighted to be bringing their inimitable style of family friendly entertainment to this year's festival. Well known throughout the Westcountry and beyond for their Expressive Arts Workshops and performances they promise something for everyone and guarantee to put a smile on your face and spring in your step. So whether you are joining them for an early morning 'Rise and Shine' bursting with songs, stories and silliness, taking part in one of their dynamic workshops or watching a performance or two prepare to laugh, smile and laugh some more and leave singing songs and humming tunes for weeks!
Entertainingly Different
                      Pirate Show
Entertainingly Different
The Lads
DrumNation Drumming Workshop with Josh

Dark Starry
                      Skies Storytelling
Traditional Irish
                      Music Workshop with John Lowday
Ukulele Workshops with Arwen Leaver